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2-A, Rama Kunj House, Near Nest Sr. Sec. School, Ajmer Road Civil Line

Jaipur, Rajasthan 302007


Dr. Anil Sharma

M.S., M.Ch.


  • Sr. Professer And Head Of the department cardiothoracic and vascular surgery
  • S M S Hospital Jaipur

  • Heart Transplant & Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgeon

  • Address: 2-A Rama Kunj, Sumel house near Nest sen. sec. school Ajmer road, Jaipur 302006

    • Email: anilsharma.1961@yahoo.com
    • Mobile: +91-9829060334

    Educational Qualifications:

    M.B.B.S.- SMS Medical College Jaipur-1985
    M.S. Gen. Surgery SMS Medical College Jaipur-1989
    M.Ch .CVTS PGIMER Chandigarh-1995



    • topped the MCh.entrance Exam. at Prestigious PGI Chandigarh.
    • bagged 2nd postion in 2nd year of MBBS ( 1982-83 )
    • received best student award (1985 )
    • received best resident award -Batra hospital New Delhi.(1990)

    • winner of All India Inter medical Table Tennis competition in 1982.
    • Captain- college cricket team in 1982-83 , 1983-84
    • won First Prize in inter-university cultural competition PANIHARIN -1982
    • won Best Script writer (one act play category) prize in All India Inter Medical Competition held at B J Medical College PUNE -1982.
    • awarded Best Appearance –SMS medical college, (1981)
    • awarded Best Director price - SMS medical college(1982-83)
    • stood First in Pantomime and One Act Play - SMS medical college ( 1981-82,1982-83)
    • And many more at college level.(from 1980 -85)
    • Excellence Awards:

    • EXCELLENCE AWRD - New Delhi - 2017( In field of Cardiac Surgery )
    • MERIT AWARD -2017
    • MERIT AWARD - 2018
      Professional Journey:

      Worked tirelessly round the clock for 17 years straight with 4 day leave for marriage.

      Created history in Government Sector in North India

      1Have established the milestone in SMS Medical College Jaipur and the State of Rajasthan. I have done more than 10,000 open heart, thoracic and vascular surgeries in which I have successfully done the HEART TRANSPLANT which is performed first time in history of SMS Medical College.

      Moreover, have performed TWO SUCCESSFUL HEART TRANSPLANTS INDEPENDENTLY First in a Government Sector, in NORTH INDIA.

      Have postulated, planned, trained the team and executed the Heart Transplant in a government sector without any MOU or External aid from any other institution.

      One of the achievements of my professional arena is that I have SAVED BILLIONS OF DOLLARS by innovating , developing or improvising existing techniques in field of cardio vascular surgery.

      My work in Minimally Invasive cardiac surgery is getting National and International Recognition and put the government medical college on international platform.

      I have performed (built) a spectrum of operative procedures (at present on globe) via MINI THORACOTOMY without femoro-femoral bypass. As a part of COSMETIC open heart surgeries I have invented an improved and cost effective procedure for mini-thoracotomy with conventional instruments without femoro-femoral by-pass and have successfully completed almost all types of adult and pediatric open heart operations without cutting sternal bone and without a groin incision that makes early discharge and rehabilitation possible.

      The evolution of surgical skill has gone to such an extent where in selected cases the patient is being given a choice of side of incision (right or left). This program was started due to persistence of a 19 year old girl who was a case of ASD with PS and wanted operative incision on left chest only. I was doing Pulmonary valvotomies but closing ASD from left sided incision was an unimaginable task , however inspite of my explanations about the risk of the procedure the patient was adamant and at last I planned and executed the ASD closure with pulmonary valvotomy and created another milestone in field of minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Now it has become a routine for selected group of patients.

      In my unit almost all types of open heart surgeries (more than 600 operations) have been done which is the largest series of its kind in the world. I, with my unit operate the patients with the methods of -

    • Atrial Septal Defect Closure
    • Pulmonary Valvotomies
    • Closure of Ventricular Septal Defect
    • Pulmonary Valvotomy with closure of Ventricular septal .
    • Pulmonary ( stenosis Valvular and subvalvular ) - Left Thoracotomy -
    • Sub Aortic VSD Closure with Aortic Valve Replacement
    • Double Outlet Right Ventrical with VSD with PS
    • Partial AV Canal Defect
    • Partial AV Canal Defect with Mitral Valve Repair
    • Complete AV Canal Defect
    • Complete AV Canal Defect with Mitral Valve Repair
    • Subpulmonic VSD Closure
    • Subpulmonic VSD Closure with Pulmonary Valve Repair.
    • Intra Cardiac Repair in Tetralogy of Fallot- correction of four defects of heart in one go)
    • Intra Cardiac Repair in Pentology of Fallot ( correction of five defects of heart in one sitting )
    • Mitral Valve Replacements.
    • Mitral Valve Replacement with Tricuspid Valve repair
    • Double Valve Replacements with Tricuspid valve repair
    • Aortic Valve Replacement
    • Coronary bypass surgery
    • Excision of LA MYXOMA s.
    • Right Thoracotomy ASD Closure with Pulmonary Valvotomy -
    • Right Thoracotomy -Pulmonary Valvotomies -
    • Left Thoracotomy - ASD Closures-
    • Left Thoracotomy - ASD Closure with Pulmonary Valvotomy -
    • The outcome of my efforts introduced an exceptional concept in the field of cardiac surgery at SMS Hospital Jaipur, which was against the existing medical guidelines of 1990s.

      4. CASE REPORTS –
    • In 1995, was the first person (surgeon) who with proof and excellent results demonstrated that valve replacements in open heart surgery can be and should be performed successfully in severe cases (considered inoperable by existing medical guide line in those days) of chronic Severe Rheumatic mitral, aortic or mixed regurgitant lesions with ejection fraction less than 25% with excellent early, mid-term and late survival(who otherwise are candidates for cardiac transplant). Total 107 surgeries have been performed till now. I have special expertise in performing vascular surgery specifically in end stage arterial disease of lower limb who would have lost their limbs otherwise, thus preventing surgical amputation (in complex considered In-Operable cases -patients of chronic limb ischemia Rutherford class IV-VI) where patients present with ischemic ulcerations pre gangrene or frank gangrene, where no treatment modality used to be considered effective. Extensive surgical procedure of primary atherectomy and patch plasty offered unbelievable results (symptomatic relief in 85 % cases)preventing the need of amputation.
    • Have introduced a new concept in repair of Oesophagus using Pericardium to make Neo-Oesophagus( a series of 3 cases with 5 years follow up this technique is applied for the first time in history for repair of chronically impacted oesophgeal foreign bodies).
    • The first surgeon in the world who has successfully removed Large LA Myxomas in six patients by a New Technique without cutting chest bone right mini-thoracotomy with conventional instruments where the created atrial septal defect was closed with indigenously developed method . (Our method of repair was using native septal tissue and wall of right atrium.)
    • First one to implement (in1995)Thrombolytic therapy using urokinase/streptokinase in delayed presentations (more than 1 month old) in cases of chronic DVT with excellent outcome.
    • Have discovered that post operative patients of valve replacements can have normal . These patients are on anticoagulation with many dietary restrictions I have modified the follow up period in such a way that they can have normal diet in this way they lead a psychologically normal life.
    • On 4 cases I have successfully applied an innovative approach and Closed Atrial Septal defect on BEATING HEART by a new method where the use of CPB machine was omitted and that has saved the life of these patients with a bare minimum cost , only 5000 Rs. in patients of ESRD(end stage renal disease). These patients have a tendency to bleed during any surgical procedure, putting them on cardiopulmonary bypass may lead to uncontrolled bleeding that may be resulting death, that is why we have to develop this methodology and we used this method successfully
    • Performed Intracardiac repair in PENTOLOGY OF FALLOT via mini-thoracotomy in history in which the patient is having 5 defects. This concept was never thought before that they could be operated via left thorocotomy without cutting the sternum.

    • Have introduced very economic method of Endotracheal suction catheter cardioplegia delivery system ( a long back we had deficiency of cardioplegia cannulas in our operation theaters at that time , endotracheal suction catheter was introduced for delivery of cardioplegic solution in coronary arteries to arrest the heart and incidently I found it eqaully effective and good , since than its a routine technique in my unit for open heart surgeries ( saved $250 /patient in 8000 patients )
    • Have introduced very economic method of Endotracheal suction catheter cardioplegia delivery system ( a long back we had deficiency of cardioplegia cannulas in our operation theaters at that time , endotracheal suction catheter was introduced for delivery of cardioplegic solution in coronary arteries to arrest the heart and incidently I found it eqaully effective and good , since than its a routine technique in my unit for open heart surgeries ( saved $250 /patient in 8000 patients )
    • In 1986 ( as registrar general surgery ) developed an indigenous method of using Indwelling Cavafix catheter for aspiration of large and recurrent pericardial effusions.
    • In 1987 developed a new method (SR- gen. surgery) of rapid pleural aspiration using blood donor set.

    • I developed blood collection system using glass bottles of IV fluids for collection of intra-operative blood loss and subsequent autologous transfusion. We use these bottles at 7 places in ICU, OTs and wards which is very cost effective.
    • In 1995-96 I noticed that IVC FILTER is not required with thrombolytic therapy in cases of DVT.(till today managed over1200 cases )
    • Successfully performed an exceptional operation of removal of a very thick and large iron rod across the chest (wire inforced Sabbal ) which was more than One Inch Thick and 5 feet Long), without cardiopulmonary bypass.( patient Rangalal of Dausa)
    • In 1998 a LUNG RE-IMPLANTION procedure was performed with delayed presentation of traumatic amputation of right lung.( patient Mustakeen of Tonk)
    • An extraordinary fourth Redo mitral valve replacement(open heart surgery) was performed . (previously this patient was operated three times in past.) ( patient Ram singh of Jaipur)
    • In 2001 an extraordinary successful surgery was performed in a patient of who had twelve cardiac defects: TAPVC with severe MITRAL REGURGITATION with severe TRICUSPID REGURGITATION with three ASDs with two VSDs with two PDAs on same side and congenital AORTIC VALVULAR STENOSIS with SUBAORTIC MEMBRANE ( 12 defects in one patient) with suprasystemic pulmonary artery pressures. Repair of all cardiac anomalies with mitral valve replacement with repair of Tricuspid valve in one sitting was done successfully.( patient Aasim of Tonk district)
    • The Achievements of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Procedures were appreciated in the 7th Decade Festival of S.M.S Medical College.
    • Work for Humanity:

      My Aim is to serve the poor and needy patients who are admitted with serious diseases and cannot afford the cost of cardiac surgery. In the series of generous activities I have:
    • performed 33 open heart (on destitute and others) and more than 50 closed heart and other operations on very poor and needy patients including arrangement of money and blood for them and take care of their personnel pursuits.
    • actively involved in a project for special (blind) children with an aim to provide highest possible hospitality and education;
    • organizing blood donation camp, health check up camps;
    • provided warmers to the orphans;
    • bestowed wall clocks to the village primary schools;
    • during Lock Down providing food in slums;
    • provided warmers to Shishu Graha;
    • providing money for the education of one girl child every year.
    • I am Always ready to serve the huminity as and when needed.

      Administrative Achievements-

      I had made remarkable endeavor to develop and remodel the existing department though I was not the Head of The Department. Because of my efforts:
      1. In 2010 The CT surgery OTs was renovated .
      2. In 2015 Two OTs of BMRC-5 campus were renovated.
      3. In 2015 renovation of two operation theatres in BMRC campus along with renovation of 10 bedded ICU was done.
      4. In 2015 I worked as a member of Rajasthan Medicare Relief Society
      5. In 2016-17 I served as an Incharge of PWD SMS Hospital.
      6. In 2017 The old CTOT campus was upgraded from 2 OT complex to a 3 OT complex.
      7. In 2017 a new 30 bedded cardiac ICU was reconstructed.
      8. In 2017 renovation of CT ICU was done and a 4 bedded ICU was converted to 8 bedded ICU.
      9. In 2017 introduced AC supplies into CT Ward, SMS Hospital.
      10. In 2018 10 bedded BMRC ICU was converted to 21 bedded ICU for cases of heart failure and heart transplant.
      11. In 2018-19 , Heart Transplant Operation theatre and ICU was constructed.
      12. CT ward was equipped with oxygen, vacuum and suction lines as Step Down ICU.
      13. Started diploma course in perfusion technology at SMS hospital -2013
      As Head of Department my efforts for the Department:

    • Due to my credibility and efforts as HOD the Government of Rajasthan in the Budget Announcement, 2017sanctioned 20 crores for upgrdation of the department and setting up a heart transplant unit,this is for the first time in history in Government Medical college that one department has been granted this huge aid.
    • The government has sanctioned two posts of perfusionists in the department (Aug.2020)
    • I am working to build a new state of art center of cardiac sciences in S.M.S. Medical College.
    • Papers Published
    • 1. Published a paper entitled: Repair of Ventricular Septal Defect through Anterolateral Thoracotomy with Central Cannulation : Our Experience, Sunil Dixit, Anil Sharma, Jaikishan Suthar, Mohit Sharma ,Indian Journal of Thoracic and CardioVascular Surgery- 36,476-482(2020)
    • 2. Published a paper entitled:“VSD WITH SEVERE AORTIC REGURGITATION WITH AN ANOMALOUS CORONARY ARTERY: A RARE CASE”Sharma Mohit, Dixit Sunil, Sharma Anil, Vaghela Parth, Suthar Jaikishan/Indian J. Thoracic and cardiovascular Surg DOI 10.1007/s10255-017-0560-8
    • 3. Published a paper entitled:“Multiple Atherectomy and Patch Plasty in Diffuse Atherosclerotic Peripheral vascular Disease: Our Experience” Sharma Anil Sharma Mohit, , Dixit Sunil, Agarwal Pankaj, Tiwari Anuj, Indian Journal of vascular and endovascular surgery. - Vol3/ Issue -2/ year 2016 / page 53-57 ( Original work )
    • 4. Published a paper entitled:Submammary Incision as Mini Right Thoracotomy Approach with Intercostal Nerve Exclusion Technique in Adjunction With Intercostal Nerve Blockage: A Comparative Study in Young Female in Indian Population Undergoing Mitral Valve Replacement.(original work)Sharma Anil Lukram Siddarth, Sharma Mohit, Dixit Sunil, , Heart India / Volume 4/ issue 3/ Apr-Jun 2016
    • 5. Published a paper entitled:“Primary Synovial Cell Sarcoma of The Heart: A Rare Case”Sharma Anil, Dixit Sunil, Sharma Mohit, Sharma Neeraj, Sharma Omeshwar Heart Views/Vol 16/Issue 2/ Apr-Jun 15,pp 62-4.
    • 6. Published a paper entitled:1 Single incision Mini thoracotomy mitral valve replacement –our experience of 100 cases –Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgeons 31,273-279 (2015) Vol-32(original research)
    • 7. Published a paper entitled: A place of Procedure of Closed Mitral Valvotomy (CMV) in facility deprived Counteries in the modern PTMC/PBMV Era ,single centre experience- Ramchandra Sherawat,MS Sunil Dixit MCh,RK Yadav MCh,Anil Sharma MCh ,Annual conference of Indian Asoociaton of Cardiothoracic Surgeons Hyderabad 2015
    • 8. Published a paper entitled: Good Vascular and Neuromuscular Outcome Even in late presented Extrimities Vascular Trauma - 100 cases Experience Anil Sharma MCh, Sunil Dixit MCh,Ramchandra Sherawat MS, Sunil Sampley MS ,Amit Saran MS ,Annual Conference of Indian Association of Cardiothoracic Surgeons ,Hyderabad India ( IACTSCON- 2015 )(original research)
    • 9. Published a paper entitled: Descending Thoracic Aorto-Bifemoral Bypass for Aorto-Iliac Occlusive Disease.”Anil Sharma MCh. Sunil Dixit MCh. Indian Journal Of Vascular Surgery/ Jan-Mar 2015/ Issue 1/ Volume 2, pp- 12-15.(Original research)
    • 10. Published a paper entitled: Iatrogenic Aortic Transection in a child ,Ramchandra Sherawat MS,Anil Sharma MCh.,SunilDixit MCh.Mohit Sharma Mch,Sidharth Lukram,MS,AORTA,February2015,volume 3 issue1:38-40
    • 11. Published a paper entitled: Right Subclavian Artery Aneurysm- A Good Experience-Anil Sharma ,Sunil Dixit,Ramchandra Sherawat,Sunil Sampley ,Amit Saran. Indian Journal of Thorac and Cardiovascular surgery.(IJTCS)
    • 12. Published a paper entitled: A case of Mirror Image Dextrocardia and Situs inversus Totalis with Tetralogy of Fallot with PDA with Normal L-loop,AV and VA concordance and Right Aortic Arch- Main Surgeon on opposite side- RC Sherawat, Anil Sharma, Sunil Dixit, Sunil sampley, Amit Saran/ Heart India,Dec.2015|vol 3 |issue 4|112-115
    • 13. Published a paper entitled: The Place of Closed Mitral Valvotomy in Resource-limited Countries in the Era of Catheter-based Interventions: 20-year Single Center Experience- Ram Chandra Sherawat, Sunil Dixit,Raj Kumar Yadav & Anil Sharma-Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery volume 31, pages273–279(2015)
    • 14. Published a paper entitled: Primary Varicose Veins on Whole Body including Genital Area, A Case Report-Ramchndra Sherawat, Anil Sharma, Sunil Dixit, Sunil Sampley, Amit Saran, Heart India,Vol 3/Apr-Jun 2015
    • 15. Published a paper entitled: Pedicled Pericardial patch Plasty as a Last resort repair in Long segment Recurrent Tracheal Stenosis through Resternotomy with out CPB Ramchandra Sherawat ,Anil Sharma , Sunil Dixit ,Sunil Sampley, Amit Saran, Indian J Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 31,249-252 (2015) (original work)
    • 16. Published a paper entitled: “Recontruction of Oesophageal Defect by Autologous Pericardial Patch” Sharma Anil, Dixit Sunil, Sharma Mohit, Likram siddarthIndian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. volume 31, pages169–172(2015).( Original research )
    • 17. Published a paper entitled: Pericardial Tamponade as an Unusual Presentation of Carcinoma of Lung Sharma Anil Sharma Mohit, Sherawat Ram Chandra, Lukram Siddarth, , Dixit Sunil, Sampley Sunil Sharan Amit. International Journal of Scientific Study/july 2014/volume 2/ issue 4, pp 105-106.
    • 18. Published a paper entitled A Large Pulmonary Artery Aneurysm in Severe Mitral Stenosis Sharma Anil Sharma Mohit, Lukram Siddath, Dixit Sunil,Journal Of Case Reports 2014; 4(2) :405-407.
    • 19. Published a paper entitled: “Congenital Absence of Left Circumflex with Severe Mitral Stenosis” Sharma Anil Sharma Mohit, Lukram Siddarth, Dixit Sunil, Indian Journal Of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surg. DOI 10.1007/s12055-014-0316-7.
    • 20. Published a paper entitled: “Emergent Surgical Removal of A Misplaced Amplatzer Device from Right Atrium”Sharma Anil, Dixit Sunil, Sharma Mohit, Lukram Siddarth Heart India, Vol 2/ Issue 4/ Oct-Dec 2014. pp 110-111.
    • 21. Published a paper entitled: “Unusual Presentation of Isolated Tricuspid Valve Disease” Sharma Anil, Dixit Sunil, Sharma Mohit, Sharma, Sharma Neeraj, Heart India, Volume 2/Issue 3/Jul-Sep 2014, pp- 83-84.
    • 22. Published a paper entitled: Submitral aneurysm -a rare diagnosis .Indian journal of Thoracic and cardiovascular surgery - 2014Anil Sharma, Sunil DixitDixit Sunil.International Surgery Journal, 2017 Feb;4(2):806-808, Anuj Tiwari, Pankaj Aggarwal & Sourabh Sharma- Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery volume 30, pages40–42
    • 23. Published a paper entitled: Pericardial Tamponade as an Unusual Presentation of Carcinama Lung ,Mohit Sharma ,Ramchadra Sherawat ,Lukram Sidarth,Anil Sharma ,Sunil Dixit,Sunil Sampley, Amit Saran International Journal of Scientific Study|july2014|Vol 2 |issue 4.
    • 24. Published a paper entitled: The Role Of Xanthinol Nicotinate With Heparin And Dextran-40 In Post Traumatic Arterial Repair Cases Where Immediate Distal Pulsation Is Absent: A Prospective Study In 150 Cases Presenting More Than 10 Hours Post Injury.”- Sharma Anil Lukram Siddarth, Sharma Mohit, Dixit Sunil,/ J of Evolution of Med and Dent Sci/ eISSN-2278-4802, pISSN-2278-4748/Vol 3/Issue 38/ Aug 25, 2014, pp 9837-9846.( Original work )
    • 25. Published a paper entitled: Observation of Clinical Response of Xanthinol Nicotinate in Inoperable Cases of the Peripheral Vascular Disease”- Sharma Anil Lukram Siddarth, Sharma Mohit, Sherawat Ram Chandra, Sharan Amit, Dixit Sunil, J of Evolution of Med and Dental Sci/ eSSN-2278-4802, pISSN-2278-4748/ Vol 3/ Issue 29/ July 21, 2014, pp 8227-8232.( Original work )
    • 26. Published a paper entitled: “Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Prospective Study Of 100 Patients Based On Wound Based Severity Score”Sharma Anil Sharma Mohit, , Gothwal SitaRam, Dixit Sunil, ISSN: 2279-0853, p-ISSN: 2279-0861.Volume 13, Issue 1, Ver. VIII (Feb. 2014), PP 79-89
    • 27. Published a paper entitled: “A Case Report on Traumatic Diaphragmatic Injury Repaired with Prolene Mesh” Sharma Dhruva, Sharma Anil, Vaghela Parth,
    • Right Thoracotomy VSD Repair -World Society of Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgeons at Sofia, Bulgaria (WSCTS- 2019) ( original work )
    • TWO research papers from India were accepted in World Society of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons( WSCTS-2015 ) held at Royal College of Edinburgh U.K.
    • Closed Mitral Valvotomy in Current Era - 20 year single centre experience-Royal College of Edinburgh U.K. ( WSCTS -2015)
    • Surgery in Dextrocardia with total Situs Inversus in Tetralogy of Fallot-Surgeon on opposite side- at Royal College of Edinburgh U.K.( WSCTS-2015)
    • “A Large Pulmonary Artery Aneurysm in Severe Mitral Stenosis” at Los Angeles, “ 3rd Expert meeting on Medical Case Reports” New Orleans, USA”.May-09-11-2016.
    • Congenital Absence of Left Circumflex with Severe Mitral Stenosis” at 7th Annual International Congress of Cardiology (ICC-2015), held on 4-6 Dec, 2015 in Shanghai.( ICC-Shanghai-2015)
    • Submitral Aneurysm - A a rare diagnosis in World Nursing Conference at Kwalalampur Malaysia,2016.
    • Poster Presentation:
    • Right Thoracotomy Double Valve Replacement with Central Cannulation- our experience- International Conference of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery at Mumbai 2019
    • Right Thorocotomy Mitral Valve Replacement via Central Cannulation- International Conference of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery at Jaipur.
    • Poster Presentations in National Conferences:
      There were Five Poster Presentations in National Conference of Cardio-thoracic Surgeons IACTS-2020 held at Ahmadabad
    • Right Thoracotomy Double Valve replacement
    • ASD closure with Pulmonary Valvotomy via Thoracotomy.
    • Right Thoracotomy - ASD closure with Mitral valve replacement
    • Kommerall Divertuculam
    • Right Thoracotomy VSD Closure with Aortic Valve Replacement.
    • Double Valve Replacement via Right Thorocotomy Central Cannulation
    • Closed mitral valvotomy in current era –a 20 yr single center- our experience.
      Paper Presentations in National Conferences:
    • Presented a paper entitled: Minimally invasive cardiac surgery right thoracotomy VSD repair at Chennai IACTS -2018
    • Presented a paper entitled: VSD repair via right thorocotomy- our experience.National Conference of CardioThoracic surgeons, IACTS-2018.
    • Presented a paper entitled: Mini thoracotomy mitral valve replacement –our experience of 200 cases- IACTS -2017 at Vishakhapattanam
    • Presented a paper entitled: “Mini-thoracotomy approach for open heart surgery: a new horizon in cardiac surgery” at Hydrabad jan IACTS- 2016
    • Presented a paper entitled: Sub mitral aneurysm –a rare diagnosis in National conference of Association of cardiothoracic surgeons (IACTS-2014 ) Kolkata, India - won a cash price.
    • Presented a paper entitled: Aortic valve repair in Congenital Aortic Stenosis- our experience IACTS at AGRA in 1993-
    • Presented a paper entitled: ASD with subcuspal mitral valve repair using FRATERS technique at AGRA in IACTS-1993
    • Presented a paper entitled: "Reconstruction of Esophageal Defect by Autologous Pericardial Patch", 60th Annual Meeting of IACTS, Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Feb. 20th - 23rd, 2014.
    • Presented a paper entitled: "Reconstruction of Esophageal Defect by Autologous Pericardial Patch", All Rajasthan CT Surgeons Association, CT-CME, October 2014, Jaipur
    • . Working as guide and examiner of MCh. Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery since 17 years.